Setup help

Abbreviation Description
SizeSize in Mb; Upload of images stops, when size is exceeded; Maximum depends on your Tarif;
DaysKeep images for number of Days in your Gallery; Maximum depends on your Tarif;
Enter "0" for unlimited storage (with Tarif 1GB or more)
Format"0" for mobilewebcam App;
"1" for TriggerME App;
"2" for GSV-4
"3" for GSV-4 and TriggerME
.htaccessProtect your directory with a htaccess File;
RemoteControlControl your device with RemoteControl Form
SetAlarmsSend email to selected user groups when threshold levels are exceeded;
Survey Battery Status, Upload Intervall, Measurement Values and more;
Upgrade to "Small" or more is necessary...
Threshold SettingsAdd threshold levels for each channel, or survey the device with threshold for battery level and upload intervall.
Assign each threshold to a user group. Suppress alarms during night. Define mute alarms.
ScalingSet scaling factors for each channel. Define active and passive channels, assign channels to left or right plot axis.
File FormatDefine Headers, Number format and columns separator.
Gallery SettingsEnable / Disable Gallery headers and footers to embed the gallery into your own website.
Customize your startpage with headers, subheaders, your logo and additional informations.

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