Survey buildings, bridges, silos, scales, tunnels, machines, ... with dataloggers.

Connect sensors and straingages to GSV-4GPRS Datalogger.
Measure 3 weeks independent from external power supply, or 3 months with additional lead battery.
Or connect solar panel...
Combine Datalogger with Webcam and Motion Sensors.

Supported Devices

Control your Datalogger from website.
Measuring frequency from 125Hz to 1 per 24hours with GSV-4GPRS
Detect events and receive email or SMS alarms.

Product information about 4-channel- and 8-channel Datalogger and Rental fees for Dataloggers.
Examples of straingage services.

Datalogger GSV4GPRS

  • 4-channel datalogger for straingage sensors with gprs modem
  • 8-channel datalogger for straingage sensors with gprs modem
  • integrated li-ion battery pack of GSV-4GPRS datalogger
  • installing straingages with datalogger
  • monitoring cracks with distance sensors and datalogger
  • IP-Camera osc-160 with PIR motion detection
  • Status Page of dataloggers
  • Setup-screen of smartgage
  • Alarm management of smartgage