MobileWebcam Setup

Configuration of your smartphone with mobilewebcam App.

Step by step

  1. Install the MobileWebCam App on your android device.
  2. Configure the settings of MobileWebCam

Setup of MobileWebCam App

Field / SettingValue
Upload method:Http
Server address:
Login:no username needed actually, leave this field empty
Password:no password needed actually, leave this field empty
Autostart of OpenSmartCamchecked
Background Modechecked


Upload of your images is per HTTP.
Klick "Http".

  • Enable the Upload per Http
  • Klick "Server address"
  • You need no Username and no Password.
    Only if you protect your Directory per .htaccess, you must enter Username and Password.

Server address is:

Choose the best Operation Mode for your camera and your application carefully:

  • For testing, you may want to use the "Manual Mode".
    Tap on the preview image, and the photo is taken and upload to webserver is done.
  • The normal mode is only running, when the App is open.
    The normal mode is not useful for standalone- or remote-applications! Only for testing. Leave the display switched on.
  • The Semi Background mode is a good choice, if you want your smartphone takes photos permanently for hours and days.
    The App is running as "service", and you should see the logo in the task bar.
    Check out if your camera takes photos, when screen is locked.
  • The Hidden Background mode is best energy saving and most reliable mode
    The App runs as service as in Semi Background mode, but your smartphone is sleeping, camera preview is switched off even when it takes photos.
    But not all devices support this mode!

Select SMS Commands. You can Start and Stop taking photos when you send a SMS with commands "start", "stop".

Be careful with all other settings.
Motion detection should be done with PIR sensor.

Reboot is only working on rooted devices.

No night uploads: Use "Daily Activity Start" and "Daily Activity End" settings instead.

Dont't wonder if there is no preview in Hidden Background mode. It is disabled.

Most important setting is Intervall (Refresh Time) between photos.