OpenSmartCam Setup

Configuration of your OpenSmartCam account.

Preface is a free online gallery for your images made with your smartphone and mobilewebcam app.
The free service is limited to 50MB disk space and stores the images of the last 7 days

Step by step

MobileWebcam App offers different configurations, like upload interval, energy saving modes, SMS commands for configuration... Website stores images of a day in a folder "YEAR-MONTH-DAY". Every day it creates a new folder.

With the free account, up to 7 days are stored, folders elder than 7 days are deleted automatically.
This service is ideal for wheather cams, surveilance cams, site cameras and similar applications

If your account exceeds the storage limit, upload stops, a message (toast) is displayed on your smartphone.
At 80% of your limit an email notification will be sent by

Functions of OpenSmartCam

Actually OpenSmartCam offers

You need no login to view your images.
You can share your image gallery with friends.
Change your setup on to "hide" your gallery, or "show" your gallery (share with friends without login),
or to "publish" your gallery on the startpage of, or "protect" your gallery with .htaccess settings.

To avoid that upload stops as a result of limit exceeded, you may want to reduce storage periode to x days with command "days=x".
If you are logged in, the navigation bar on the top shows a link to "Status".

The default configuration is "7 Days" and "show" the gallery

Learn more about setup, if you want to change settings

Setup of OpenSmartCam

To setup your OpenSmartCam account, you need to login.